Usage Guidelines

Production Support

For all supported platforms, Mitek supports the current release (dot or full) version and the previous sequential release.  (Typically a 12-month period).

Use of Brand and Trademarks

In conjunction with mobile photo capture SDK, all implementation will contain “Powered by Mitek” without alteration.  

Any time you refer to Mitek in external corporate promotional material including press releases, your website, or, collateral, (excluding social media, twitter, blog posts, etc…) we need to approve such use in advance. Please submit a request to

Transaction Retrieval

Transactions generated during test and development will be available for the duration of your test and develop license.   For production level license, transaction detail will be available for revolving 10-day purge.  For longer period of transaction retrieval, please contact us at

Transaction Usage for Product Improvement

Mitek may analyze transaction data generated to improve the product.

App Credentials

Your Test and Develop or Production credentials are unique to your application that we have reviewed and approved. It may not be transferred to another Application.  Your App credentials are a single IP restriction and should only be called directly from your application server.

Non Acceptable Use-Cases

Use of Mitek integrations may not be used for any application that violates any law, statute or regulation, nor enables transactions that facilitate or promote any illegal activity, promote violence, infringe copyright, trademarks, support pornography or illegal gambling.

Use by Competitors

Use of Mitek Developers program may not be used in competitive nature with any Mitek products.

Sublicensing - Channel Partners and API Exposure

Mitek Developers program services are only for YOUR application. You may not make the Mitek APIs available to others by giving access to use those services.  Further, Apps developed on the Mitek Developers program may not be sublicensed. Mitek Developers program services are only for use with YOUR applications that you develop and distribute to your end-users directly or through a reseller (e.g., an App Store). If you are making an application for someone else, whether for demonstration, trial, or production, please contact us to become a channel/reseller partner. Please contact sales