Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

The program was created to enable app developers to develop and deploy image analytics apps very rapidly, at a very low cost using the Mitek platform and associated SDK. Developers can now access  the same technology, used by tens of millions of mobile banking consumers today for Mobile Deposit®.

Becoming a Mitek Developer allows you full access to the Mitek technology used by millions of consumers, including: Mitek's mobile imaging SDKs, web-services API, documentation, and support services all designed to make Mitek imaging integration easy.

Developers of consumer and enterprise apps - big and small. Be it leading-edge integration, start-up entrepreneurs, OEM partners, or developers creating applications and solutions for mobile - all mobile app developers can greatly benefit from participation in Mitek Developers.  

Mitek technology is used to simplify the mobile experience for the consumer, by capturing information with proven OCR technology. It can be utilized in an application for practically any industry and market.

Virtually any mobile application is a great candidate for imaging integration.  Mitek’s API works superbly in image recognition, capture, and data extraction.

Yes! There are a number of co-marketing opportunities available to companies and developers participating in Mitek Developers. Please contact for further details.

Yes! If you are interested in promoting your involvement with Mitek Developers please contact

Account Basics

By registering, you will automatically be enrolled with a free test and development account.

If you experience difficulty registering a new account, please contact us at to have a member of the Mitek Developers team register your new account.

If you have forgotten your password, go to the login page here and click on the Request New Password tab? 


Production Details

An imaging transaction occurs when our servers receive an image via our web services API from your application (such as a customer web server, mobile application, or mobile web application). 

Please click here for an up-to-date list of the devices supported by Mitek Developers.  

The Mitek image capture SDK is about 4MB. Image processing and the data extraction process, is performed within Mitek's PaaS-environment on our imaging servers.

With your test and development account, you will receive support via email. Once your app goes into production, if you experience availability issues or other problems, an online support form will be provided for you to notify us. We will seek to address and resolve these issues per the e-production license agreement.  If you have higher support levels requirements, please contact us at to discuss an Enterprise Production license.

Mitek will review and certify your app to ensure it meets the usage and branding policies and to ensure that the SDK has been properly implemened and is performing optimally.

The simplest and quickest means of reporting issues and suggesting feature requests is to do so via our email at

Please find the logo requirements here.

The key security issue you should be aware of is the theft of your application credentials. In this scenario someone else uses your credentials for their app resulting in imaging use being inappropriately charged/applied to your account.

To prevent this from happening you should protect your credentials. You should not store your credentials as plain text in your application. You should also employ methods like code obfuscation before deploying your application making it harder for others to reverse engineer your code and credentials. 

If your application credentials are stolen OR if you discover that your app is being distributed/shared illegally, please contact us immediately at  Mitek can restrict imaging usage in such applications.

Service Tiers & Pricing

Click here to learn more about the different service levels available to you.

Your agreement with Mitek is only for your license to create and license an app.  If you are creating an application for someone else or for another commercial entity, or wish to license your apps to another person or commercial entity, whether for demonstration, trial, or production, please contact us at

There are two stages (development/test and production).  Each stage has different characteristics, limitations, and pricing. Please find more detail on the process here.

If you choose the e-Production license, you will receive support for up to 1,000 monthly transactions. If you get close to the cap, you can upgrade to a larger package.

If you elect not to upgrade, any transactions above 1,000 in a one month period will be blocked. The limit refreshes every month. You can upgrade to unlimited transactions with our Enterprise Production license at any time.

When forecasting your app's likely usage, consider the total number of users and the expected number of transactions per day.  It may be ideal for you to upgrade to the Enterprise Production level, as otherwise this may result in a poor user experience for your more active users.  If your app hits the cap, transactions will be blocked until the start of the next month, but you will not incur any associated charges.

Once you have signed either an e-Production license or an Enterprise Production agreement, your test and development account will stay active for no additional charges.  This way, you can continue to test and enhance your application as needed.

Yes, you may cancel your service at any time, and your services will be disabled at the end of the month.  (Or end of the year, if you selected the annual purchase option.)  In either case, no refunds are provided.

Your Test and Development account will initially be active for 60 days.  You may extend this for up to another 60 days.  If you need additional time before production, please contact us at   If your account is inactive for 90 days, it will be disabled.